Goals Journal

Have you seen the seriously cute My Crush books from Close to My Heart? They are beyond adorable and I knew as soon as I saw one I wanted one!

I decided to make a goal journal with mine.

The cover on this one is soooo pretty! I love Damask and this turquoise is so perfect! I used some of the felt roses and the sparkle swirls I had leftover from my Frosted Workshop on the Go and some chipboard leaves from the Chantilly collection. The rest are stickers from the My Crush collections. I actually decorated the outside of the book last so it was easy to work with.


I just love all these yummy layers here! I added some tabs using leftovers from my Frosted and Chantilly collections.


These swirly sparkles are so pretty and easy to use!


I also decorated the spine.


Here is the inside cover. I adhered some Chantilly paper and chipboard flower to it. The arrow  and the “now boarding” stamps are in the Sight Seer Stamp set. I love all the little apha stickers and journaling cards you get in the My Crush Assortment packs.


The next pages are a sort of preface. They outline my 3 main goals and the reasons for choosing them. I love using the little alpha stickers mixed in with hand written journaling.


The next pages are dedicated to the month of December 2013. I started a month early to get my groove going and to help me decide what format I wanted to use in the book. The journaling cards are just so handy! I used the “december” stamp from a stamp set that I think was a stamp of the month. It has months and numbers to make a calendar. I decided to go with this format for each month: Inspirational page, a journaling card with to do lists for that month aimed at achieving the log term goal, a reward envelope, and then a page dedicated to each goal.


Here’s what’s in the reward envelope. This gives me permission to spend money on the item, but only if I have completed the to list. The rewards don’t have to be an expensive item, just something I would probably never buy for myself, but I really want. The page behind the reward envelope is my journaling page dedicated to goal number 1.


And here’s the next few pages with my journaling about my progress, feelings, or obstacles surrounding that goal.


This is the inspiration page for the month of January on the left, with the reward envelope opened. Notice if I complete my to do list for January I get new running shoes!!!!


     And my journaling page for goal number 1.


Journaling pages for goals number 2 and 3. I could also include photos and keepsakes here.


And this is February. Don’t you just love this paper? It reminded me of the doily paper from the For Always collection. I used the Chantilly chipboard circle because it reminded me of a doily.


This is March. I love all the peacock feather colors in this book, greens, turquoises and purples! They just look so fun together!


 This is April. These tiny envelopes are the perfect size for the tiniest journaling cards included in the My Crush Assortment.


This is May. More kraft paper! I actually made this envelope using a piece of paper from the Chantilly collection. I love the little banner stickers that come in the My Crush Assortment. The to-do list for this month is actually on the back of the banner tab.


Here is June. I used a few journaling cards to layer up on the left page.  I used the arrow stamp again on the right page.


Here is June. I love how some of the paper came pre-decorated, like the left side.


Here is August. Don’t you just love that bright envelope?


September. The cute journaling card I used for my to-do list is so cute with the washi print!


Check out October. Instead of the stamp I used the alpha stickers to spell out the month. More washi print on the right page!


November. Peacock feather colors again!


December.  I like the faux coffee cup stain on this journaling card!


These last pages are for a kind of final overview/review of the year. There are no to-do lists or reward envelopes here. If this goes well, I may do another book for 2015. =)


And more journaling room for the final review.


I also thought it would be cute to decorate the back. The journaling card is from the My Crush Assortment and the flower is from the Chantilly chipboard.


Since I wanted to add in extra stuff, I had to actually take the book apart. I don’t have a cinch or anything like it, but it was super easy to take apart and put back together by hand.


I am hoping this book keeps me on track this year!



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