New Close To My Heart Jewelry!

 Check out how cute this is!!!! First of all I love the pink and black combo, but you have so many options with the new CTMH Base and Bling Wearble Crafts. Here’s how it works you start with a base. They come in cuffs, necklaces, rings, head bands and hair clips. Then you choose from the textiles and the blings. The embellishments are applied with the adhesive strips or dots. Super easy!


Look at all the blingy goodness on the necklace!


Here is a close up of the necklace. The pink rosettes are super cute along side the the metal flower.


The textiles are sooooo gorgeous. This pink is from the Chantilly collection.


I layered and stacked a lot of pieces of the blings to make the center cluster.


This head band was super easy to make and is super cute!


I added lots of bling to this one!


The rings are adjustable so one size fits all!


Again I layered and stacked to get this cool effect on the bracelet.


I kinda worked outside the lines by going down the sides and off the designated base for the embellishments.


I love that you can make very unique pieces of jewelry.


I also used some of the blings and textiles to wrap a present. I made a junque bow by tying a few strips of textiles together.


The very center of the junque bow is decorated with a metal flower.




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